Home & Office

GMK Kitchens – Custom Cupboards,

GMK Real Estate – Buy, Rent or Sell.

GMK Interior Decor – Style with personalty

GMK Web Services – Web Design & Hosting

GMK Supermarket – One stop spot for all your shopping.


GMK Transport – Moving made easier than A, B, C. Whether moving long, short distance, heavy or light weight – we got you covered

GMK Engineering & Construction – Get the job done with the right tools and supplies – Big or Small projects we have it all at your disposal.


GMK Catering – No event is good without food. GMK will put “ood” in food. We will make your wedding, function, birthday or celebration a taste to remember

GMK Beauty Parlour – rock the best hairstyles and live to impress. Sometimes impressing people can be so easy.

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